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Sony Xperia 1 IV vs. Sony A1

How Far Have Smartphones Come? 

Can the Sony Xperia 1 IV keep up with the Sony A1 in video performance? In this video, we show how far smartphone technology has come in the camera department, now being able to shoot 4K 120fps on all three lenses on the back of the Xperia 1 IV. Of course, we don't expect the phone to out compete Sony's flagship mirrorless camera, the A1, but it was fun to show how much the gap has closed. The Xperia 1 IV is no joke when it comes to being a real option for filmmakers, videographers, content creators, and live streamers.

Sleek Feel & Improved Features to Support Content Creation  

Sony has really upped the ante on smartphone capabilities and is soaring past traditional limits. The 5G 512GB smartphone with a triple-lens camera is trying to take the cake for the "best smartphone camera" available. It's the world's first smartphone where every back lens can record 4K HDR 120fps with AE/AF. The Xperia 1 IV allows you to live-stream to your streaming service anywhere and anytime with the Video Pro.  Enhanced video and gaming features on the 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED and 120Hz refresh rate are unrivaled. The Xperia 1 IV is all the rave, for a good reason. Experience content creation at its finest.